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Hey there, my name is Jake. I'm a musician and videographer from the midwest, USA.

I'm currently working on a Bachelor's in Information Technology and working full time as a vulnerability management engineer.

This is my personal site. I built this hoping to break away from Social Media. I wanted to create a place for people who know me to keep up with my life, & where I can meet new people and experience a little piece of what the internet was like before all of the monetization.

Life at the moment

I currently work in Cyber Security full time while attending an accelerated Bachelor's -> Master's program for IT Management.

Outside of that, I make music videos with NINE2NVR, a small production company created by my friends Dylan, Jacob, and myself. I have been trying to branch out and learn more videography on my own as well, and I just purchased a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k.

My other main hobby is music. I am a DJ and producer and I love to write songs. I don't put much out there, but you can check out some of my stuff on my Music page.


(coming soon)

Here I will post rants and opinions on things that I feel strongly about.

Videosspinning video camera

Here are some music videos that I recently worked on. You can also view these (embedded) on my Videos page.


My music taste is all over the place, but as a general rule of thumb, I love anything ethereal. Songs that light up my imagination or transport me to a different world. I mostly listen to Alternative, Rock, Rap, and EDM

My favorite song of all time is Show Me How by Men I Trust.

I also write and play music under the name Cigaratt, though that name is subject to change soon. I'm on the fence about whether to continue releasing under that name or change to jmasch.

My favorite songs and playlists:


Don't be a stranger. If you have a comment, suggestion or simply want to say hello, you can sign my guestbook. Or read what others have written.



Feel free to contact me via email (jmasch@protonmail.com)